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Air defense forces assistance
Anti-air warfare (AA) and missile defense (MD) are of vital importance to the security of Kyiv and Ukraine. The enemy continues to intimidate Ukrainians and bring damage to civilian life by destroying vital infrastructure, homes, and office buildings with relentless missile and drone attacks. While the government and Armed Forces of Ukraine  are making every effort to keep the airspace above the capital safe, civilians can also help create an effective missile defense system. Enabling civilians from Kyiv and any other place in the world to support the anti-air/missile

About the project

SafeSky is a project aimed at supporting the Air Defense Forces that protect the skies of Kyiv
These are primarily air defense units of the Kyiv Ground Forces Group and a subdivision of the Air Сommand Center, which guards the skies over a large part of the country, including Kyiv and a number of important facilities such as the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant and the Dnipro Cascade of Hydroelectric Stations.Still, since the missiles and drones that attack Kyiv fly over vast stretches of Ukrainian territory, it can be argued that the entire air defense system of the state is involved in the defense of the capital.

In fact, Ukrainian skies won’t become intact unless Russia is deprived of the opportunity to endanger our homeland, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine become powerful enough so that no country in the world is willing to attack us. Therefore, the project is focused on our main aim, the victory of Ukraine, and prioritizes requests accordingly.
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The way we work

We respond promptly to military requests. This is the main advantage of SafeSky.
As the organization maintains contact with the Air Command Center and Air Defence Units of the Ground Forces, we receive requests for the technical supplies, which in turn facilitate the improvement of the combat capability and the effectiveness of the units' work. We generalize, prioritize and classify those requests by three features:
Ability to satisfy the requirements with existing (ready-made) solutions
Ability to receive necessary equipment without funding
Ability to attract philanthropists or sponsors from business
If the market offers standard equipment that meets the existing need, we either look for an opportunity to get it for free and transfer it to the military division directly, without the involvement of the Charitable Foundation, or we attract sponsors, or start fundraising, look for suppliers, buy the equipment and provide it for the units.

If we cannot meet those needs with off-the-shelf solutions, we look for developers, engineers, and volunteers who can help develop and manufacture the necessary equipment. And then we look for a way of funding; either large sponsors, or Kyiv residents.

In fact, it’s often the case that after the start of the next fundrising project, people approach us with offers to donate the necessary equipment to the military division for free, as charity.

In the course of the current project

Over the course of the project

UAH 2,2 mln





Legal entities


Vans for personnel


Battery for Motorola walkie-talkies


Powerful power banks




Intel NUC mini-PC






PoE injectors


IP phones


Units of network equipment


Telecommunication kits for the MBG and mobile air defense units


Tasks accomplished by the project

Scientific and technical solution

Scaling of the scientific and technical solution for all fighter aircraft of the "Ghosts of Kyiv" tactical aviation brigade has been ensured

Mobile point

Provided an air defense unit in Kyiv region with two autonomous mobile units for temporary accommodation of soldiers

Mobile units

Two mobile air defense control points of the Armed Forces were re-equipped

Auto repair

Three vehicles of air defense units were Five vehicles of air defense units were repaired


30+ sight mounts and 6 thermal imagers for man-portable air defense systems were manufactured and delivered to air defense units


Project manager

Volodymyr Pozdnyakov, officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Assistant Chief of Air Defense of the Land Forces Brigade, coordinator of military innovation projects at the DICT of the Kyiv City State Administration, founder and director of the DX Agent consulting company (2019-2022), head of the international analytical company IDC in Ukraine (2005-2019)


Kateryna Mohylnytska, pro bono advisor on information issues to the CDTO of Kyiv, head of the Kyiv Digital media office, founder of the Digital Mankiz digital agency (2010-present), founder and head of the International NGO Investment Union (2007-present)


Pavlo Kostiunyk, graphic and web designer, Kyiv Digital.