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Vehicles for air defense
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Vehicles for air defense
Kyiv's air and missile defense system involves many units located over a large area: from the border with Belarus in the north to the city of Ukrainka in the south.Now, the load on logistics is increasing significantly because the distance between the outermost air defense posts exceeds 200 km. Moreover, some locations are in hard-to-reach places that only an SUV can reach.ReportWith the help of volunteers from Auto Euro Sila and the Group 35 Charitable Foundation, two vehicles were purchased in Lithuania and driven to Ukraine: a Nissan X-Trail and a VW Caravelle. The necessary repairs and maintenance were performed with assistance from Oberig IT, KYY AVTO, and Avtodim Atlant Kyiv https://www.facebook.com/volodymyr.pozdniakov/post1 https://www.facebook.com/volodymyr.pozdniakov/post2 https://www.facebook.com/volodymyr.pozdniakov/post3
Thank you all for your support, together we are bringing our Victory closer!
Active Fundraising Campaigns
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