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Transform kungs into mobile air defense units
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Transform kungs into mobile air defense units
The work of counter-attack defense is impossible without the control points (PU PPO), as the duty of duty is uninterrupted in the 24/7 mode. In case of relocation, the launcher will take an hour, even if its technical equipment is sufficient. Therefore, before the military PPO, it is necessary to set as much as possible the procedure for moving command posts and the possibility of duplicating their functions on the skin level. For the operational execution of the head of the department, for the promotion Air Defense Unit of Armed Forces of Ukraine, it is planned to build two resupply launchers from the old Radyansk kungs on the GAZ-66 platform, which will require a major upgrade, modernization, equipping with modern information and communication devices and autonomous living systemsSoundThe pennies were spent on insulation, climate control, autonomous living system, electricity and low current. The bag may have: three permanent working places with large monitors, one additional one, three cabinets, a place for the battery, for saving the generator, a switching cabinet, a safe for having an encrypted connection, a safe for documents, an air conditioner. https://www.facebook.com/volodymyr.pozdniakov/post1 https://www.facebook.com/volodymyr.pozdniakov/post2
Thank you all for your support, together we are bringing our Victory closer!
Active Fundraising Campaigns
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